Garden of the Gods Sculpture Center

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Taliesin West and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture visited Santa Fe for a round-table that far exceeded our expectations. We walked the site with board members Bob Douglass and Dossett McCullough as well as local architects and builders. The following day was spent in the round-table with local participants and intense design exercises. Victor Sidy, the Dean of Taliesin proved himself exceptional in orchestrating the charette. He addressed our needs, identified solutions and brought out the talented perspective of his apprentices. The process effectively changed our minds, inspired ideas we had not thought of, re-arranged the potential of the site and ultimately confirmed in us a clear vision for an art center in the Garden of the Gods. The apprentices have returned to Scottsdale to begin their designs for the Garden and we look forward to unveiling them in May on their annual migration North.


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