Garden of the Gods Sculpture Center

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

11-6-06 Meeting at Taliesin West with the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

After a very productive meeting at Taliesin West with Philip Allsopp, CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and his staff, we have established a great start for developing a master plan through the F.L.W. School of Architecture. Victor Sidy, Dean of the Architecture School (white shirt) embraced our vision and the idea of proposing the challenge to the students for an initial approach. Joseph Payton, a Denver real estate developer relocating to Scottsdale set up the meeting (blue shirt) and watches on as Victor and I share the photos and proposed site plan with the students.

10-13-06 Voices in the Garden.

Today we closed on the property, phase 1 complete! Katherine Biel, Kevin Box, Warren Cullar, John Whitmire and Susan Maclin, (not seen: Cheryl Falgoust Smith, seller and Lynn Murray, consultant)

9-18-06 In The Beginning

This property was offered to me about a year ago in "Trust" that I would do something meaningful with it and it is my intention to do so. During Indian Market we went out to see what there was to see with great surprise. Warren Cullar stands on "Ambush Rock" located at the scenic turn-out of New Mexico's Hwy 14, a national historic bi-way called the Turquoise Trail. Located about 20 miles South of Santa Fe, the Rocks we stand on are known locally as "The Garden of the Gods". Warren, our official artifact finder, picks up a 1939 wheat penny just below his foot after taking this picture. On the same day the HWY dept. installed a bronze plaque commemorating the creativity of the WPA on this road in 1939. This is the place!!